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Bi-Fold door Salford Bi-Fold door Salford

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Manufacturers of Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors in Salford

At TGC we offer a multitude of different styles & designs of Bi-Fold Doors in Salford and in a variety of colours.

Installing a set of TGC Bi-Fold Doors is a fantastic way to open space in the back of your home.

Any home can benefit from introducing Bi Fold Doors and flooding more light into the living space. Kitchen extensions along with installing Bi-Fold Doors has become common and many people who originally thought they would have to move home have now maximised the potential of the property with a Bi-Fold Door installation.

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Bi Fold Door Installation in Salford

After the initial home visit and consultation a qualified TGC surveyor will arrange a second visit to your Salford home to take precise manufacturing measurements for the Bi-Fold Doors. After gathering these Door measurements we begin the manufacturing process of the new Bi-Fold Doors. The surveyor will liaise with the installation team, so they fully understand the location for each Bi Fold Door that is being installed.

Bi-Fold Door installation teams are highly skilled in Bi-Fold Door installations.

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